1st day Modena

 2nd day Bologna – Bologna Unesco Creative City for Music and Unesco Heritage for Porticoes! A day to discover the cultural heritage of the city of Bologna: guided walking through the historic center in the shadow of medieval towers and arcades. 40 km of arches, some of which have protected the ancient heart of Bologna since the 13th century and, in spite of time and war bombings, are still there to remind us of how the city looked like in the past. From the narrowest alleys to the majestic 11-metre-high porticoes passing through the more modern ones of via Indipendenza, the city is a true porticoed maze! And there is no shortage of legends and curiosities … lunch in a restaurant in the historic center

Afternoon continuation of the guided music tour – from Lucio Dalla’s jazz to the important musical chapel of San Petronio. Included in the tour is the entrance to the International Museum of Music / Oratory of San Colombano or the Basilica of San Domenico (free admission). Visits to the most significant monuments/places of the city are guaranteed, such as Piazza Nettuno, Piazza Maggiore and symbolic buildings, Palazzo dell’Archiginnasio, Mercato di Mezzo, Piazza Santo Stefano, Due Torri.

 3rd day Ferrara

 4th day Ravenna

Arrival at the Classis museum, meeting with the guide, delivery of earphones and guided tour to discover the history of the area and of Ravenna through the various changes that have occurred over the centuries, the extraordinary story of a city through its main hubs, from Etruscan-Umbrian origins to Roman antiquity, from the Gothic and Byzantine phases to the early Middle Ages. Walk to the Basilica of Sant ‘Apollinare in Classe (about 300 meters) and continuation of the guided tour. Moving towards Piazza della Resistenza (bus parking area) short walk along the walls, arrival in the center and lunch in a typical restaurant. In the afternoon meeting with the guide and departure of the guided tour, we will visit the most significant places in the city. The eternal beauty of the most famous Unesco monuments of Ravenna, in a tour which, starting from Piazza San Francesco, will wind through the streets of the historic center of the “city of mosaics”, to reach some of the most significant UNESCO monuments, access to hanging gardens and rasponi crypt, a jewel set in the historic center of Ravenna.

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