Our travel agency ventured into the world of tourism over ten years ago. In possession of all the regulation licences and insurances, we have always offered our clients an “intimate” style of service, based on helpful courtesy, not to mention the due professionalism of a reputable travel agency. However, the opportunity to diversify and offer services online allows us to give added value to what we do, which is why we are proud to be part of the ‘VeryNet’ organisation. As further guarantee of our professionalism, this vital collaboration enables us to access exclusive services and the most competitive prices from the best tour operators.

Although we also offer the more traditional travel propositions, we try to offer our clients something different. Our aim has always been to seek out and select those services that are best tailored to the tastes and expectations of those who would define themselves more “traveller” than mere “tourist”. Fruit of this mindful philosophy is our Cultural Tours, which, thanks to our reliance on professional and reliable tour guides, gives the right added value to all aspects of travel: from the seeking out of long-forgotten flavours, to the  taking in of the magnificent landscape, and all experienced in the pleasure of being in good company.



CEO of I Viaggi Senza Filtro

Driven by a passion and curiosity for other countries and cultures, I got involved in tourism 25 years ago, after having graduated in political sciences. I continue to dedicate myself to organising travel for my clients with the same spirit and enthusiasm as I did when I started out, because being able to make a trip an unforgettable and moving experience, after all these years, still gives me the same satisfaction as it did the day I started.

Every trip is lived three times: once when you dream of it; once when you go; once when you remember it.




Veneto born, but Emilian by choice, I started travelling and visiting museums form an early age!

I’ve been a qualified Italian and German speaking  tour guide since 2013, though I’ve been working for over ten years as a travel agent.

I specialise in promoting the incredible cultural patrimony Italy has to offer, with particular emphasis given to contemporary creativity.

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